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Terms and Conditions

Booking confirmation

The reservation is considered confirmed only after receiving a credit card as a guarantee, nothing will be taken from the card unless you show up on the check-in date. In that case, the amount equal to the first night will be withdrawn.

As an alternative to the credit card it is possible to make a bank transfer at the time of booking equal to the cost of the first night of the stay.

In Favor: SoC.Agr. Il Corbezzolo
Bank name: BCC of Ripatransone and Fermano
IBAN: IT26V0876924400000000003644
Reason: reservation, name and surname

Please note: payment by Bank Transfer must be recorded at least two days before arrival.

For credit card: communicate by email or phone or through the W
Cancellation policy

Cancellations must be received at least the day before arrival.

In case of late cancellations the amount paid will be retained if already reclaimed otherwise the amount of the first night will be withdrawn from the card left as guarantee.

If the cancellation takes place within the deadline, the amount paid will be fully refunded.